Speaking Engagements & Readings





2021 Imagination Redeemed Conference
“Gardening and God’s Story”
Breakout session: panel conversation

2020 Rocky Mountain Artists’ Retreat
“Linking Lights: A Portrait of Artists in Conversation”
Recorded session

2020 Imagination Redeemed Conference
“From Rohan to Rivendell: Creating Art in the Time of War”
Recorded talk and live speaker Q&A

2019 Anselm Society “Christmas in Narnia” Pub Night
“A Christmas Tradition of the Old Woodlands”
Short story reading

2019 Rocky Mountain Artists’ Retreat
“Forsaking the Second Writer”
Afternoon session and speaker Q&A panel

2019 (Our home church): “Heaven” series
Short story reading: “The Ferryman”
Essay reading: “On Yearning”

2019 Circe Institute Kindred Women’s Conference, West
“Old Enough for Fairy-Stories Again”
Afternoon session

2018 Imagination Redeemed Conference
“Signposts of Joy: Making Art Out of Our Longing for Home”
Afternoon session

2017 Anselm Society “Storytelling” Pub Night
“A Toast of Soprilias”
Short story reading

2016 Anselm Society “Artists at Play” Pub Night
“At Play in a Broken World”
Essay reading