A New Online Home

Dear friends,

After a quiet week of breaking ground and making adjustments with Y’s help, I’ve moved my writing quarters to this new site. (I’m delighted to have more memory space, better layout options, and freedom from foisting random ads upon you!)

If you were an email subscriber to Sun Steeped Days, you don’t have to make any changes; new posts will continue to be sent to you.

If you bookmarked Sun Steeped Days and would like to continue receiving updates from me, however, you’ll want to bookmark the new URL. (You can also sign up to receive new posts by email at the bottom of this page and/or subscribe to the seasonal letter here.)

The door is open and the sound of scribbling is already underway. There are also a few features on the desktop version that aren’t viewable by mobile devices, if you’d like to glance in through that window. I do invite your suggestions for making this a more hospitable place.


~ Amy