The Cultivating Project’s Summer Issue

Friends, I’m delighted to share that the summer issue of The Cultivating Project¬†releases today. I have the deep honor of being a regular contributor to this beautiful magazine, and my piece for this season is an essay titled “An Inheritance of Stories.” I hope you enjoy it. I can’t wait to sit down with a cuppa and slowly peruse these pages this week.

This issue will be up until the Autumn edition is released in late September.

I’m also happy to say that a great deal of writing has been taking place lately here, under the shelter of many late nights and even more petitions for help — for the actual work never does happen effortlessly. But the topics I’ve been thinking about have filled me with such enthusiasm and such a peculiar sense of urgency that I’ve burned right through the midnight oil several times this past week, and God willing, I’ll be back with those pieces soon.

In the meantime, I hope the golden abundance of this season has warmed you in some way, and that you’ve found some pockets of time in which to rest and be restored by the Giver of Life. He opened the first two blooms of sugar star phlox here in the garden on Saturday night, and I think I would have missed seeing them if we hadn’t been housebound with a light virus this weekend… thanks be to Him indeed for such exquisite gifts, and the merciful Father-heart that never forgets any of the beloved ones in His care.