Thursday Afternoon Tea: Social Sips

We sat across from each other at many tables last weekend.

Y and I took a close-to-home trip to celebrate ten (and a half) years of marriage, and to chart our course for the new year. With all the extra time we had to get ready in the mornings and to rest throughout the day, I felt like a character in O. Henry’s “Transients in Arcadia” — with the same twist of an ending, though with far greater happiness on my part. We explored areas of town unfamiliar to us, popping into new watering holes and old favorite haunts, and debated the (rather dubious, no? 😉 ) merits of raw oysters.

On the last day, we opted to spend the afternoon reading at a favorite coffee shop instead of going to see a movie — and I think I’ve been trying to relive that moment all week, in between the tasks and to-do’s that must be checked off. What a gift it is to spend an hour or two at a table in the company of one’s favorite person!

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On our tea table

  • Crudite plate, with roasted red bell pepper dip and hummus
  • Honeyroo tea (a combination of rooibos and honeybush)