A Deluge of Light

The last two weeks have been full… full of learning to go at a slower pace in home and heart, of writing and endless revising, and of letting a long silence re-anchor me in the things I most strongly believe in fighting for.

I’ll be back with a proper post sometime soon, but here’s a small scribble I wrote in the margin of my fiction draft early this month. It continues to prove true. 


…Thought of this tonight as Lanier [Ivester] posts from the charred rubble of her home, saying “And when the way gets dark and bewildering and terrifying, you know that Who you’re with is all that matters.” I took those words to heart after something inconsequential but worrisome-for-me happened this evening.

The Body of Christ often seems to work in this way: from the site of one person’s battle, words shoot up into the black of night to say all is not lost where they stand — words that light up the sky over another’s heartache, so that the other is reminded of more brilliant truths, and strengthened. This happens all over.

The Kingdom of God probably comes in a thousand different ways. From where I stand, sometimes it looks like a great blaze of shooting stars.


“Snowy Range Perseids Meter Shower,” by David Kingham, 2012. Licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND-2.0; no changes made.