Saturday Morning Cuppa: Book Friends


This morning I fed quarters into a parking meter, shuddering in the snow-speckled air, and hurried into the warmth of a coffee house. My early rising, the watchful eye I’d have to keep on my meter’s time limit, the hunger of an appetite now fully awake — all these diminished in the glad anticipation of meeting friends.

It’s been over five years since we moved to this town, knowing no one, and the blessing of friendship is not lost on me. Each relationship I have now has grown from vastly different beginnings and flourished at different rates from the ones I had before, and I’m continually surprised at how generously God’s answered my prayers for good companions on this journey Home.

This includes you, friends. Whether I’ve met you in person or have only begun to introduce myself through these words here, it’s a privilege to cross paths.

I’m hoping to write a little more in May than I was able to in April, so pour yourself a cuppa and come by when you can.


Some books we’re enjoying immensely 

“Our library isn’t very extensive,” said Anne, “but every book in it is a friend.” 
– Anne’s House of Dreams

  • Sydney Taylor: All of a Kind Family
    Lucy and I finished this story about a Jewish family living in New York’s Lower East Side about a week ago; lately she can be spotted in various nooks and crannies savoring it on her own.
  • Edith Nesbit: The Railway Children
    Our current read during Little Jo’s nap time. Both of us are eager to see what happens next.
  • L. M. Montgomery: The Alpine Path, The Story of My Career
    I’ve borrowed this online through our library and read a snippet whenever I have a minute.

Earlier this month here

On my coffee house table: 

  • large mug of peach herbal tea
  • A turkey club sandwich with macaroni salad