Friday Afternoon Tea: On Sickness and Hard News


The week here has been a sober and subdued one, aside from our usual relationships-in-training under the family roof.

Everything I read and remembered seemed to speak of our collective brokenness: the little sniffling noses that kept us home, the anniversary of our friends’ baby boy’s passing, the news that Christie Purifoy’s brother-in-law was missing.

But in all the hard tidings, somehow this was also one of the most beautiful weeks as well, as I’ve watched the trust of better saints continue to rest solidly upon their Father. Disease and aging and death are real, but far greater and enduringly true is the goodness of God. That His goodness and mercy will prevail is a promise; in these lives that cannot be wrested from Christ’s keeping, it is already evident.

And at dawn — well, at dawn came news that had me blinking back tears at His new mercies. Today’s dawn brought a very tiny baby girl into the world, almost a year to the day after her brother left it.

So I laid this afternoon’s tea table with a soft gratitude, and though it’s evening now, still warmly invite you to come take a moment and have a cup.

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On our tea table

  • Celestial Seasonings’ Country Peach Passion – our favorite peach tea out of all the supermarket brands
  • These banana bread scones. Little Jo is mining the chocolate chips out of hers first, of course.


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