Prayer for a Navel-Gazer

An old poem, written March 29, 2011. Dedicated to hearts that know what it is to be mired in introspection, and the One who so faithfully redirects and expands them.

I run into the throne room
Through doors unlocked by Christ
My feet fly to my Father,
Find His presence in a trice.

And at His knee I bury
My face in plain relief
“God,” I say, releasing breath,
“Could You take care of these?”

I revel in His presence then,
Write songs of my great calm
Extol the virtues of my Lord
Who keepeth me from harm.

I prattle out my worries
Breathe in His love-embrace;
There in the shadow of His wing
I give thanks for His sweet grace.

Yet sometime in that quiet
I hear others as they speak
I raise my head to survey them:
The suffering, broken, weak.

In that moment, I perceive
That while I asked to see
My every day, my blessings
Through His love for me,

Burrowing into His arms
I’ve hid myself away;
Satiated, I forgot
To look into His face.

– A.B.L.


This post is part of a 31 day series about Loving God as an Introvert

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